About Us

Who We Are

For the last two decades, Window Technologies has been offering employability training programs to our unemployed rural youth and working to make them a corporate-ready workforce. We create a corporate-ready workforce to resolve the education-employment conundrum in the country. We aspire to bridge the gap between employable masses and millions of job opportunities with skill development, making a sustainable society.

As a proud partner of Skill India, Window Technologies invests in creating a skilled, job-ready workforce and transforming the lives of rural and semi-urban youth. We believe that investing in the right workforce is essential for empowering our nation to generate optimum success and growth.


"Our endeavour is building a future where the youth from all walks of life get equal learning opportunity to upskill, and grow socio-economically - fuelling the rapid growth of a prospering nation."

At Window Technologies, we work relentlessly to make learning more accessible and effective than ever before. We constantly push the boundaries of knowledge acquisition and application, and we're very passionate about creating dynamic, interactive teaching and learning process engaging that inspires everyone at Window Technologies. Furthermore, we focus on skill and knowledge dissemination to ensure society's betterment and the world where we proudly live.

We look forward to preparing the youth for a rewarding career and professional growth, contributing to social progress. In addition, we help our clients address the shortage of highly skilled workers by equipping educated youth with in-demand job skills - thereby bridging the demand and supply gap of a highly skilled workforce. We help build a highly skilled workforce and ensure it's diverse, inclusive, and socially responsible.

We aim for –
  • Technology knowledge transfer at the grassroots level.
  • Providing globally-accepted technical knowledge
  • Focusing on non-formal skill development
  • Optimum resource utilization for skill development for rural people
  • Transparent and accountable approach to the society
  • Emphasis on creating professional excellence through development programs


"To build a future where the youth from all walks of life get equal learning opportunity to upskill and grow socio-economically - fuelling the rapid growth of a prospering nation."

Our vision is to create the best platform for the growth of rural and urban young talents. We aim to enhance their career path with a 360-degree evaluation and need-based development that help make India a skilled nation capable of meeting the requirements of the evolving business sector.

We are a skill development centre with multi-layered facilities where young and energetic aspirants can be transformed into knowledgeable, trained professionals. At the core, we aim to prepare them to face the challenges of the technically advanced and rapidly progressing world. We strive to be a world-class organization contributing our experience and knowledge to the country's socio-economic development. We will do so by improving human resources following the global competitive market and assuring high-quality technical knowledge in parts of society.

We desire to –
  • Provide technical training and prepare a substantial number of technologically upgraded people for different disciplines in the industrial fields of the country.
  • Arrange various multifaceted training programs for technical fields for educated boys and girls from rural and semi-urban areas.
  • Encourage youth and aspiring candidates to job-oriented programs to grow a sense of self-employment endeavour.


Pan India Presence

We can help implement various government skill development initiatives with our pan-India presence. We have 9 centres across India, from where we can offer state-of-the-art skill development training.

Expert Trainers

Our trainer team includes experts with in-depth industry knowledge and experience. It gives the candidates enrolled with us under various government skill development initiatives a chance to learn from the best.

Variety of Skill Development Courses

As the project implementation partner of various government bodies (both central and state), we offer an array of skill development courses designed to boost the employable skills of underprivileged youth.

Employment Assistance on Course Completion

On successful completion of our skill development courses, we offer underprivileged young talents employment assistance, which helps them quickly find a suitable job and achieve their career goals.

ACLP-based trainings

Our skill development programs are activity-cum-lesson planning-based, ensuring the candidate has enough job exposure. As a result, they feel confident about their newly acquired skills and can easily ace an interview.

Fostering Socio-Economic Growth of Candidates

With our employment-focused upskilling programs, we aim to help our government augment the socio-economic status of underprivileged youth by improving their employability.

Industry Exposure

The skill development programs we conduct on behalf of central and state governments aim to offer on-hand experience and on-the-job training to prepare the candidates for the job.