How Can Window Technologies Enhance the Employability of Candidates?

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As a growing nation, India is thriving as an economic superpower. With more businesses considering India as a potential market, it’s imperative that the country has a massive pool of skilled resources to sustain this growth. Therefore, the nation’s youth must learn and hone their employable skills to prepare for new-age jobs. As a skill development company, Window Technologies can help them in this endeavor with various skilling, reskilling, and upskilling programs, which are considered the critical components of the concept of ‘sustainable employability’. Our carefully crafted strategies are designed to increase global skill proficiency and employability in India.

Some of our focus areas on skill development are as follows:

  • Employable skills : We know the skill development industry and the job market and acknowledge the existing skill gap. Therefore, it helps us to guide the candidates accordingly. We give high importance to entrepreneurship and always encourage the students to get the right skills.
  • Skills to tackle real-life challenges : We focus on offering training to help our candidates build decision-making skills, time management, and other vital skills that will help them in their profession and daily lives.
  • Team building : We focus on various team-building activities along with outside interventions. It helps the candidates become team players and work alongside others to reach a common goal. We also focus on cognitive skills, group discussion, and more.
  • Communication : To be a successful professional, one must have excellent communication skills, including verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written. Therefore, we ensure our candidates learn excellent communication skills to ace interviews and succeed in their job roles by effectively communicating their ideas and thoughts.
  • Problem-Solving : Our problem-solving skills help determine employee issues, identify causes, and find the best possible way outs and implementation. A candidate with good problem-solving skills is an asset to an organization for resolving complex issues. Such candidates help in overcoming odds by resolving complex issues.
  • Leadership : Nowadays, employers always look for candidates who have leadership skills. Upon receiving our training, the candidates can learn to manage their team members effectively also helps and motivates them to improve their performance and achieve their career and socio-economic goals.

Here at Window Technologies, we assess and understand our candidates’ strengths and provide them with the necessary skills to upgrade and upskill themselves and thereby uplift their employment status. We work as a skill development implementation partner and affiliate in various Government upskilling initiatives. So far, we have helped thousands of underprivileged rural, semi-urban, and urban youths improve their employability and become job ready. We also offer them the necessary employment support to make them financially independent.