Skill Development

Skill Development

As the skill development project implementation partner for Central Government and various State Governments, we offer effective upskilling trainings to underprivileged Indian youth to boost their socio-economic status.


Learn as if you were not reaching your goal and as though you were scared of missing it” ― Confucius

This inspiring quotation fits the best in skill development and training, which is a pressing priority for the youth of India. With our country’s gradual and constant growth, a lot depends on the competencies of its skilled workforce. Therefore, the country’s socio-economic growth will be optimum when skills acquired by urban and rural India are on the same page, and our youth will walk collectively.

The Indian economy has the full potential to grow to $40 trillion by 2047. It is only possible when the working-age population is employed productively. It lands us on the most relevant topic – how skilled are the youth of India? As a skill development project implementation partner for Central Government and various State Governments we participate in various initiatives to upskill, upgrade, and uplift young Indian youth in different industry-related careers.

What we do

Screening test

A screening test helps us identify the career goals, challenges, interests, and hidden talents of our trainees.

ACLP based training

We offer Activity Cum Lesson Planner-based training that help candidates learn the nitty-gritties of their future job roles.

Industry Exposure

We offer them enough industry exposure to help them excel in their respective fields.

Timely Assessment and Viva

Our candidates go through internal assessments and we take extra care of the candidates who need more improvement.


We offer placement assistance to our trainees to help them fulfil their earning goals.

Benefits Of Our Skill Development Programs

Improved skills

Our skill development training programs improve our trainees’ skillsets vital to make them more employable and productive and bridge the skill and knowledge gap.

Boost Employability

Our well-laid and systematic method of skill gap identification and effective training dissemination can strengthen youth employability as it would translate to employment.

Enhanced confidence

Our Activity-Cum-Lesson Planner-based trainings help our candidates better understand their future job-roles, which, in turn, boosts their confidence.

Employment Assistance

We train our candidates on how to ace the interview process an even offer placement assistance to them.

Improved Industry Insight

The industry exposure we provide our trainees help them gain sufficient industry knowledge prior to joining the industry. It helps them make informed decisions.

Better Standard of Life

Our skill development training allows the candidates to learn, improve, and contribute to the country's economy while also improving their standard of living.