Top Tips to Improve Your Employability in 2023 and Beyond

Improve Your Employability

Government statistics back in 2015 showed that almost one in three graduates needed to be doing high-skilled jobs. However, improving employability can be a big differentiating factor when many equally qualified students go up for the same jobs. In a social landscape where lack of employment is a rising issue, here are a few easy ways to learn from a skill development training center in India to make yourself more employable and stand out from the other applicants.

Develop new skills

Your degree is excellent, and all that work experience is meaningful, but why not try gaining qualifications in other areas? Developing additional skills to fill out your CV shows you took the initiative to build on your talents. It also saves employers from training you in areas they might otherwise have had to.

Take help of workplace courses or professional skill development classes like social media, computer skills, coding, marketing, and more. There are plenty to choose from; your university might even host these specialist classes. Some charge a fee, while others are accessible through volunteering initiatives; speak to your careers advisor to find the best options for you. Additionally, you can make yourself more attractive to employers by getting background checks.


Communication undoubtedly has an essential role in improving the employability enhancement process. Employers always look for candidates who represent them professionally in a non-verbal or verbal way. Communication skills help you successfully elaborate on any point clearly and straightforwardly and enhance comprehension, improving overall employability. At Window Technologies, we encourage our candidates to have sharp communication skills to crack the job they want.

Keep your resume up to date

At Window Technologies, we always recommend keeping your resume updated. It is easier to update a CV than to create an all-new application. You must tailor the resume for whatever role and job you are looking for, but it will be simple if everything is available on the same page. Here are some easy-to-go tips for a modern-day resume –

  • Make sure to include links to your social media profiles;
  • Use your most up-to-date email address;
  • Create a .pdf version for email — it looks much better than a Word document.

 Advertise yourself

Excellent social media presence will be beneficial for your future employment. It is an asset in the employment process as you can make your information available online for employers. If you can use social media platforms and build strong networking skills, you have a great chance of getting a job.

Windows is your best friend when it is all about employment prospects. We will help you become job-ready and able to crack jobs of your choice.

Broaden your horizons

Aspiring candidates should always think out of the box. On the CV, you should mention what you have done professionally and your achievements. An over-saturated CV with the same experience and outlining similar expertise can only work if the expertise is rare. Make up your mind and know how you can work for skill development to get your dream job.